Inside FPV Founders

Inside FPV raises Rs 75 lakhs in Shark Tank India.

Inside FPV, founded by Oshi Kumari, Deyvant Bhardwaj, and Arth Chowdhary in 2020, is revolutionizing the drone industry in India as the country’s first company to provide Plug and Fly FPV drones. Their innovative approach eliminates the need for customers to worry about setup and maintenance, as they offer drone crash warranty and free consultation services.

As a result of their unique offering, Inside FPV has been recognized by Startup India for its contributions to the Robotics Industry and is a proud part of VIT-TBI (Technology Business Incubator) and D-Labs at ISB, Hyderabad.

At Inside FPV, they empower their customers to capture stunning videos with ease using high-end professional FPV drones that are suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether you are a professional videographer or just looking to try something new, Inside FPV has the perfect FPV drone product for you.


Inside FPV Founders
Inside FPV Founders


Founders of Insider FPV :


Oshi Kumari, Deyvant Bhardwaj & Arth Chowdhary are the founders of Inside FPV. Oshi Kumari is India’s first woman FPV pilot. All of them are collegemates. They have completed their education from  Vellore Institute of Technology.

CEO – Arth Chowdhary

COO – Oshi Kumari

CTO – Deyvant Bhardwaj


Promo :


Experience the thrill of flying with Inside FPV, a leading consumer-based drone company that offers a unique opportunity for kids to easily operate drones. As a young entrepreneur startup featured on Shark Tank India Season 2, Inside FPV is sure to excite anyone interested in technology and entrepreneurship.

With the guidance of Tech Business veteran Peyush Bansal and investment in young startups, Inside FPV is a must-see for anyone in the field. Look no further for user-friendly drones and join the Inside FPV community today.

Inside FPV Shark Tank India Pitch :


The founders came flying drones into the tank. They made sharks like Aman Gupta, Amit Jain & Peyush Bansal fly their drones & look through the monitors. Everyone was amazed by this young kids pitch. Young entrepreneurs always excites veteran sharks and this time was no exception.


How Inside FPV manufactures their drones ?


They buy all the raw material from China, Taiwan & Hong Kong. Later they assemble them in India.

Engineers and designers create blueprints and schematics for the drone during the design and development phase, while technicians and assemblers carefully assemble the materials sourced and procured for the drone, including the body, motors, batteries, sensors, and other components. The drone’s electronic systems are tested and calibrated during the assembly process to ensure proper operation.

The drone undergoes thorough testing and quality assurance checks after the assembly is complete, to ensure it meets all safety and performance standards, including checks for proper flight stability, range, and battery life. Finally, the drone is packaged and shipped to customers or distribution centers for sale. The entire process, which is highly technical and requires a skilled workforce, is critical in producing a functional and high-quality drone.


Products of Insider FPV :


The Startup deals in the Drone business. They help Videographer to a farmer using their drones. Their drones prices starts from Rs 2800 and at high end specialized drones can even cost up to Rs 8 lakhs.


Revenue :


FY 21-22  Rs 85 lakhs
FY 22-23  Rs 84 lakhs (year to date)
Last Month Revenue  Rs 13 lakhs

They are trying to close FY 22-23 on Rs 4 Cr Revenue. They claim to have Pre-Orders from VIT ( Vellore Institute of Technology ) from where they are graduated.


Sales Split :


Sales Split of Inside FPV
Sales Split of Inside FPV

The company’s 60 % sales comes from Spare Parts. Remaining 40 % comes from Plug & Fly Drones.


Average Drone Cost Distribution :

Selling Price Cost Price Gross Profit
 2700 Rs  1711 Rs  989 Rs


Equity Split & Raised Funds, Grants :


Inside FPV has already raised Rs 25 lakhs @ valuation of Rs 12.5 Cr. They have also received Rs 10 lakhs in grants from Government of India.

The remaining equity is split is equal among all three co-founders.


Original Ask of Inside FPV :


The startup’s original ask was for Rs 75 lakhs for 4 % of equity @ Valuation of Rs 18.75 Cr.


Offers, Negotiations & Sharks Insights :


Anupam Mittal :

He commented that soon this place will have a lot of competition. Also, this will become commodity business which in future will make it difficult to make a brand. Therefore he was OUT of the deal.


Aman Gupta & Peyush Bansal :

They both united together in this deal & made an offer. Their offer was Rs 50 lakhs for 20 % equity @ valuation of Rs 2.5 Cr. They also offered Rs 25 lakhs as Debt with NO INTEREST charges.


Amit Jain & Namita Thapar :

Interestingly this two sharks came together in this deal. They both made an offer of Rs 75 lakhs for 15 % equity @ valuation of Rs 5 Cr.


Counter Offer –


The founders made an immediate counter offer of  Rs 75 lakhs for 5 % equity @ valuation of Rs 15 Cr.


Peyush & Aman matched the previous offer from Amit & Namita. However Amit & Namita changed the deal by offering Rs 75 lakhs for 12.5 % equity.

Instead of all this offers, the founders wanted that all 4 interested sharks to come together.


The Sharks agreed for this commitment but changed the deal with Rs 75 lakhs for 15 % equity.


The Deal :


Finally it was a DEAL. Inside FPV founded by Oshi Kumari, Deyvant Bhardwaj & Arth Chowdhary raised Rs 75 lakhs for 15 % equity @ Valuation of Rs 15 Cr from Peyush Bansal, Namita Thapar, Aman Gupta & Amit Jain in Shark Tank India Season 2.


Arth, Oshi, Deyvant
Arth, Oshi, Deyvant


You can watch the whole pitch on SONYLIV.


Conclusion :


Inside FPV Business comes under the scope of operating and controlling its activities on the principle of First Person View and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Although each country has its own law for flying. Flying a drone is an activity permitted by law in India, as per the Drone Regulation of India under the Ministry of Civil Aviation, India’s National Aviation Authority. But this device has so much power that before using it, it can be considered appropriate to be aware of and comply with the drone rules.

What would be the investment opinion from your perspective in this youth pitch from Inside FPV Business. Nowadays, drone technology has made a lot of work easier, but even today, before this program about using it, only professional people have seen the use. After seeing the complete information of making this business occupied with the best futuristic idea from your point of view, definitely comment your opinion.


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